Teddy Goitom


26.09. | 18:15-19:15


„Afripedia – Welcome to Creativity!“

Stocktown Films presents AFRIPEDIA:

The African future is happening now. Standing on the cusp of a historical shift brought on by new technology  and global interconnectedness – the African creative movement is starting to take on the world. Afripedia is a new 5-part short series about the  generation of rising African creative talents hat are challenging all preconceptions and stereotypes. Stocktown Films presents through inspired lens an  interlinked visual mixtape of today’s most interesting creative fashion designers, artists, photographers, directors and more from Africa’s urban metropolises.  A compelling visual stories and voices that create real, interpersonal identification no outside expert could ever provide.

Afripedia/ Visual Artist Cyrus / Nairobi, Kenya©Stocktown Films 

Afripedia/ Visual Artist Cyrus, Kenya © Stocktown Films

(c) Stocktown Films

© Stocktown Films

TEDDY GOITOM (Sweden), producer & director of Afripedia, is the creative visionary behind the evergrowing culture movement Stocktown founded in 1998 with over 500.000 followers.  Teddy has an extensive network and experience in research & development of high end digital collaborative projects and production of  social engaged content for film/ tv and new media.

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