Serge Attukwei Clottey


27.09. | 17:15-18:15


„Europe in the Eyes of Africa“

The model in the image is Rhodaline Parlon, a member of the performing art group ‘Golokal Movement’ with whom Clottey works closely.

The use of the jerry-can symbolizes our own potential to carry others forward and influence their lives. Clottey’s images call for us to save a little more and waste a little less.
The masked woman in Fashion Parade is a bold subject, at once provocative and charming. The raw urban backdrop, her demeanour, outfit and mask are all together controversial, burlesque and elegant. Marking the condition of everyday life in Ghana in a compelling and complex image, Fashion Parade intrigues and entices.

The eclectic composition of the subject’s outfit in this image, mixing a tailored white shirt, trainers, a Waltz Disney men’s tie and a traditional Ghanaian textile, is symbolic of the historical relationship between Britain and Ghana, formerly a British colony. Rather than seen as an oppressive relationship, Clottey’s confident, striding youth represents how Ghanaian local entrepreneurs use this duality as an opportunity to develop and promote the fashion industry in Ghana – attempting to carve a distinctive look and to anchor their presence on the international contemporary art scene.


Fashion Parade  (c) Nii Odzenma

Fashion Parade (c) Nii Odzenma

© Nii Odzenma

Serge Attukwei Clottey 

 has taken art in Ghana to a whole new level. Born and raised in La, located in Accra, Ghana, Attukwei has known he wanted to be an artist since he was in primary school. His father is a famous artist within and so he derived some of his passion for art that way – but found a new way to articulate his vision for art and social justice in the world.

His artwork grapples with issues of environmental, political and cultures concern within Ghana, both with his mixed-media sculptures and paintings. He attended Ghanatta College of Art and Design where he completed with a diploma in fine art. In 2006, Attukwei was offered a sponsorship opportunity to study art in Brazil and came back with a new attitude towards his art and a renewed appreciation for everything in life. For him, art has always come first – even before feeding himself sometimes. He eats, sleeps and breathes his artwork; it is as much a part of him as his skin and has exhibited Africa, Europe and America.

“Nothing like magic ….Am traditionally a painter but the process of my work becomes a performance….
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