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(Senegal/ Denmark)

Fou Music Association (Mad Music Association) aka Fouma System is the brainchild of Senegalese griot vocalist Mustaf Mbaye and Danish DJ and producer Exampler. The two take hip hop and elec- tronic music into afrofuturistic terrain, as they mash together Mustaf’s poised delivery with Exampler’s meticulously layered soundscapes.

Both hail from musical backgrounds. Mustaf was born into a griot family, has won awards in Senegal with his group Baat Sen Fune, and is one of the pillars of Nomadic Wax’ Democracy in Dakar compilation.
Exampler grew up in a family of musicians. He has been on the road with his jazz pianist father since birth, and has been exposed to all kinds of music from a very young age. He picked up the drums, then gradually got into making beats, and for the past 8 years has been collaborating with rappers and singers in and out of Denmark.

Mustaf and Exampler first met in 2010 at Dakar’s Festa 2H hip hop festival, but the pair really clicked a year later on the DKtoDK tour. After a few studio sessions in Dakar, some maafé and lots of café touba, Mustaf and Exampler decided to work together.

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