INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 20.5.2010 - 22.5.2010

The focus of the festival lies on a two-day symposium with topics on „Intercontinental Development in Technology“ and „African Networks“.
Intercontinental Development in Technology
Intercontinental cooperation in the fields of high-tech, communication and environmental-technology needs to concern about current preconditions and potentials. The first chapter of the symposium intends to give an update on relevant topics as: media, technology in daily life, raw materials and social matters.
MS Negrelli
Alexis Nshimyimana Neuberg Radio Afrika TV (AT)
The Impact of Western Media on the Development of Africa (Language: German)
Every population can take its destiny into its own hands, but only if there is enough „know how“ ...>>
MS Negrelli
Kurt Wachter VIDC (AT)
The Story of African Football: From its Colonial Beginnings to the Neoliberal Superstars (Language: German)>>
MS Negrelli
Monique Muhayimana AVP, STWST (AT)
Innovation from Africa: Mobile Money in Kenya (Language: German)
Through „Mobile Banking“ and the principle of „Banking the Unbanked“ the wider population of ...>>
MS Negrelli
Augustin Karasangabo MUL (AT)
Natural Resources in Africa: Perspectives and Prospects for the Continent (Language: English)
Many African countries have major natural resources like gold, diamonds, petrol, copper or coltan. Unfortunately ...>>
MS Negrelli
Mathias Cyamukungu UCL Louvain (BE)
Requirements for a Technology-Based African Development (Language: English)
Considering a sample of technology-­based (development) projects for Africa, the lecturer will provide ...>>
African Networks
The chapter African Networks discusses the specific conditions of LAN-Networking and Network-Sevices in African rural areas. The audience can expect information on social an technical aspects of current networking projects. Speakers from African and European partner-organizations were invited to present knowledge from the viewpoint of several disciplines
MS Negrelli
Burak Şimşek Fraunhofer Fokus (DE)
Carrier Grade Networks for Developing Countries Net4DC (Language: English)
The environmental, political, socio-economic and technological requirements of rural regions of the world ...>>
MS Negrelli
Oscar Kaate Link-Net (Zambia)
Network Infrastructure in Rural Areas of Zambia (Language: English)
Wireless Mesh Network (configuring and a case study): A wireless mesh network (WMN) consists of mesh ...>>
MS Negrelli
Peter Kuthan ARGE Zimbabwe (AT)
TONGA ONLINE: ICT as Instrument of Survival (Language: English)
Tonga.Online Project

"In the 21st ...>>
MS Negrelli
Maureen Agena WOUGNET (Uganda)
Digital Media: The Future of Rural Communities in Uganda (Language: English)
Africa, particularly Uganda cannot oppose the rise of technology, and the investment in digital media ...>>
MS Negrelli
Sebastian Büttrich (DK)
Low Cost Community Networking in Africa (Language: English)
The combination of wireless networking in unlicensed spectrum, open source software and sustainable energy offers ...>>
Low Cost Community Networking in Africa (Language: English)
The combination of wireless networking in unlicensed spectrum, open source software and sustainable energy offers exciting new perspectives for networking in underserviced communities. Low cost approaches bring internet as well as local connectivity and telephone services to people. Especially the concept of mesh networking proves to be powerful in shared community networks. This talk will present projects and capacity building programms from all over Africa, among others Tanzania and South Africa.

Sebastian Büttrich / IT University Copenhagen, Denmark / Network Startup Resource Center, University of Oregon
Sebastian Büttrich works with:
  • (low cost) wireless technology
  • free / open source software and
  • solar and wind energy, building networks, systems, skills and capacity within the areas above, as manager, developer, architect, consultant and teacher.
    This work is focussed on (but not limited to) developing and underprivileged countries and communities, especially in Africa / Asia.
    Sebastians academic background is in quantum physics, optics, radio spectroscopy and scientific programming. He holds a Ph.d. in physics.
    Recent projects: Tanzania, Nepal, Fiji, Maldives, Kenya